Like a phoenix we rise

Some thoughts for all the people across the world who are in pain…

The forces beyond our control

Push us

Push us


Toss us around

Lift our feet off the ground

Till we land in a new dimension that bears no relation to Kansas

And we

Caught up in a sea of emotions

Trapped in the eddies of disturbed space time

Knowing nothing more than our broken heartedness

Our brokenness

And what can we do but sit among the shattered pieces of life we thought we knew

That life

The one we had in the past we can but grieve it

And grieve it we must

Honour it as a testament that can never be taken from us – but remains ours eternally

And what of our dreams and foolish fantasies of the life we thought we’d have

We ought to have

The way things would have been

Should have been

Could have been

Only now can never be

And so like a Phoenix we rise

Out of the broken bits of ourselves

And hold each piece up to the light until they begin to glow with an as yet unseen light

A light that connects the remembered past with the unknown future through the prism of now

And as you look into the light you see in yourself a strength you never knew you had.

And a world that needs you more than ever.

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