Surviving the overwhelm roller coaster

Ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster that won’t stop?

I can’t decide if the last 3 weeks feels like 3 years or 3 minutes – or both rolled up into one.

All I know I is from starting up Coach GP in February, life has absolutely snowballed- or something.

It’s true it’s good to be busy – but it feels like I have no time to breathe between clients to prepare for and see, meetings with colleagues, probono work, projects to research and complete – oh yeah and FAMILY (who are they again?)…

Must be time to practice what I preach and engage in some serious self care

So here’s my very public plan:

1. Get enough sleep. Sleep is good.

2. Keep moving. It’s good to use up excess energy in physical activity

3. Breathe

4. Focus on what I’m doing right now and only that. If I’m not working on it-it doesn’t exist.

5. Find opportunities to laugh and be kind

6. Have time out every day

7. Be grateful- being too busy is far preferable to boredom

8. Connect with people who give me joy and touch my heart

9. Remember my meaning and purpose in all of this

10. Focus on process and let go of the outcomes (which are not in my control)

11. I forgot what 11 is – so it must mean to write things down so I don’t need to clutter my head with remembering things to do

12. Have faith and trust in myself that I can do this – I can cope- in fact I can do far more than I think

13. Ask for help (of whatever sort) – no need for me to be a hero or a martyr about this

14. Blog – writing is therapeutic and calming for me.

15. Remind myself to do all of the above.

That should do it I think to keep the stress under control and ensure I’m in the best possible place to get all this done.

So that’s my strategy to getting through this intact. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

What do you do to survive overwhelm??

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