Why Medical Writing

Medical writing can be a rewarding career or sideline for clinicians. 

As a clinician you are an expert at what you do. You have spent years honing your skills and building a practice and a reputation. But in addition to your skills as a clinician involved in face-to-face care – there is a huge market for your words as well.

With the rise and rise of blogging and health information there is a bigger need for words about health and medicine than ever before. Organisations of all types (and media) need high quality and authoritative content. And as a clinician you already have the required expertise and background knowledge to give you a head start in getting your words published.

The exercise of turning facts into narrative requires originality, flexibility and a willingness to see the world in different ways. Yes – the facts must absolutely be correct – but the putting words together to forms sentences, paragraphs and stories can be surprisingly creative. There are many different ways to communicate facts – and finding ways to engage your readers in a narrative that engages and empowers them in their health is truly creative. Instead of narrowing your thinking down to a diagnosis and a management plan, writing helps build your capacity to find patterns and meaning in different experiences.

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