I wish my job had duck feet

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet is one of my all time favourite Dr Seuss stories. And the message is still relevant to all of us: Be ourselves – be comfortable in our own skin. Stop looking outside yourself for happiness.

I wrote this whimsical poem a few years ago…and I still think it’s what Dr Seuss might have written about the secret to fulfilment at work (well maybe…) 😉

I wish my job had duck feet

I wish my job had duck feet
And I can tell you why
I’d be swimming straight up High Street
I’d be really flying high

The pay would be 6 figures big
And my boss I’d just adore
I’d really have the greatest gig
I’d have an office with a door

But…in the end I wouldn’t like it
Alone with my big chair
No friends would come and visit
I’d have a view I couldn’t share

So the duck feet job has got some thorns
It clearly can’t be done
So what about a job with horns
That should be lots more fun

I’d attract the most attention
Be famous in a blink
Win awards without exception
I wouldn’t have to think

But…I wouldn’t need to break a sweat
It really would be boring
Despite all the awards I’d get
By lunchtime I’d be snoring

So…I could try them all at once
Feet and horns and lots, lots more
But I think I’d look a real dunce
I couldn’t really soar

And so let me think about it
So many jobs I’ve tried
They looked so good, but didn’t fit
Or feel very good inside

My real job may have goblins
That’s very plain to see
But what if I saw not problems
But opportunity??

Perhaps that’s when I’ll start to grow
When I see it as a test
And my promise will then start to show
I’ll find my very best

I think that duck feet jobs
Aren’t really quite so hot
And that is why
I think that I…
Will work with what I’ve got

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