Looking failure in the eye

Perfectionism has served me well. Yes I have succeeded academically and in my profession. But it has also caused it's fair share of unhappiness and is the source of a great deal of my own imposter syndrome. If you can only ever peer into the gap of failure, then you can't ever really acknowledge your … Continue reading Looking failure in the eye

Should I leave clinical medicine?

By the time people book in to see me they have often been puzzling and fretting over this question for months or even years. This question is a biggie. It is one of the commonest reasons people come to me for coaching and I'm grateful for those who choose to include me (as a coach) … Continue reading Should I leave clinical medicine?

‘According to science’

We seem to have a love-hate relationship with science. On one hand 'science says' articles abound with just about any claim you can think of. Being 'scientific' can be a great selling point for just about anything - mattresses, toothpaste, superfoods. Most of the popular diets around now use some kind of 'science' to back … Continue reading ‘According to science’

You have to CHOOSE happiness

Happiness is a billion dollar industry, and yet I think many of us are further from happiness than we have ever been. Just judging by the content of the news and the amount of sheer ongoing outrage about any number of issues, as a society we don't seem to be happier despite the money pumped … Continue reading You have to CHOOSE happiness