The best eulogy I can think of: A tribute to Tony Grant

Earlier this week Professor Anthony (Tony) Grant passed away.  To Tony's family I send my heartfelt condolences on the loss of a truly great person. May his memory be for a blessing.  Tony was my first coaching teacher at the University of Sydney in the Coaching Psychology Masters and he supervised the student research project … Continue reading The best eulogy I can think of: A tribute to Tony Grant

The climate change the world really needs

Today is 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. 75 years. Members of my extended family (names now lost to history) and my husband’s extended family almost certainly were murdered there (or in other chambers of horror). And their bodies burned. Up in flames. This is the pure and unadulterated evil that world swore it … Continue reading The climate change the world really needs

From 2019 to 2020

Welcome to 2020.  It's been a difficult start to the decade for so many of us here in Australia. There's probably no family that hasn't been directly or indirectly affected. I pray for healing and hope for the world.  With such catastrophe happening around us - it's a good time to reflect on where have … Continue reading From 2019 to 2020

Am I good enough yet?

Do you ever get home from work thinking about how you just aren’t good enough: I didn’t really know what to do… I think most other doctors are better than I am… One of these days I’ll get found out… Have you ever given a talk or workshop or put yourself out in the public in some … Continue reading Am I good enough yet?

On being a wounded healer

Many doctors worry about treating people when they have had similar issues themselves. They often worry about being triggered. Or feel in some way that this life experience undermines their confidence or competence in treating others. It's the equivalent of saying: "How can I help other people when I haven't even got my life under control?"  … Continue reading On being a wounded healer