Out, damned emotions! Out

Lately I've been having multiple conversations with clients who want to 'scrub out' some aspect of their emotions: 'I just wish I wasn't so emotional' 'How do I stop being so emotional?' Of course, they mean emotions related to being upset or angry about something. Have you ever heard someone lament their sense of humour, … Continue reading Out, damned emotions! Out

Imposter syndrome and tips for managing it

Imposter syndrome and tips for managing it Dr Jocelyn Lowinger One of the growing problems in healthcare is that many highly competent health professionals, even in the highest positions, are struggling with feeling incompetent and that it’s only a matter of time before they are found out. This feeling of a lack of confidence and … Continue reading Imposter syndrome and tips for managing it

‘According to science’

We seem to have a love-hate relationship with science. On one hand ‘science says’ articles abound with just about any claim you can think of. Being ‘scientific’ can be a great selling point for just about anything – mattresses, toothpaste, superfoods. Most of the popular diets around now use some kind of ‘science’ to back … Continue reading ‘According to science’

You have to CHOOSE happiness

Happiness is a billion dollar industry, and yet I think many of us are further from happiness than we have ever been. Just judging by the content of the news and the amount of sheer ongoing outrage about any number of issues, as a society we don’t seem to be happier despite the money pumped … Continue reading You have to CHOOSE happiness

In fear I trust

I work a lot with fear. Fear in my clients, usually expressed as imposter syndrome. And my own fear as I walk my own journey into the unknown. F-E-A-R I’m no stranger to fear. Fear often sits with me on a daily, and even hourly, basis. As I go about expanding my skills and experiences … Continue reading In fear I trust