About coaching

What is coaching?

Coaching is an evidence-based future-oriented personal learning program that can help you design your career, improve performance, build confidence and promote your wellbeingA coaching session is a guided conversation underpinned by theory and evidence designed to help you create positive and purposeful change. Coaching is goal and solution-focusedWe will work together to co-create solutions that work for you. Read more about the evidence behind coaching.


What is the format of coaching?

Before your initial session you will complete a short questionnaire as part of the booking process. You may also like to do some self-assessments of your personality and strengths if you have not undertaken similar assessments previously. Initial sessions are 75 minutes and each subsequent session lasts 60 minutes. Each session will end with a plan for the way forward.  Out of hours appointments are available on request (telecoaching only). 

How does telecoaching work?

Telecoaching is conducted via Zoom. A log in link will be provided with your appointment. Telecoaching is not exactly the same as face-to-face coaching – each mode has strengths and weaknesses. Please note that sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control technical problems can arise. We do our best to resolve these quickly and will always ensure you have the full length of your session.

How can coaching help me...

Build ongoing confidence?

Returning from mat leave and you feel like you have lost your mojo? Thinking everyone else looks so much more confident than you feel? Finally have your letters but still feel like an imposter? 

Imposter syndrome is the the most common issue facing my clients. Perfectionism and zero tolerance for errors is the perfect breeding ground for imposter syndrome and lack of confidence. Anxiety that you are not good enough can totally undermine your wellbeing and hold you back from performing at your best. To help build confidence and banishing imposter syndrome we will work on developing a growth mindset, turning towards curiosity and learning to sit in the tension of uncertainty. Ready to learn how to fly? Book Now

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Make positive career decisions?

Unsure of which specialty to pursue? Thinking of changing training programs? Considering non-clinical pathways? Looking for something different – but you don’t know what?

Making critical career decisions can be nerve wracking. There are high stakes involved and worrying about this can keep you up at night. If you are going round in circles then coaching can be a great way to build new insights into yourself which is the foundation for making helpful decision. We will work on building self-awareness about your personality, strengths, values and what type of life is most meaningful and important to you…and more. Up for an adventure? Book Now

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Build POSITIVE mental health?

Feeling mentally and physically exhausted? Cynical and detached and that work has lost all it’s meaning? Feeling ineffective and despite all your effort you have achieved exactly nothing? 

Positive mental health is really about having the faith in yourself to manage the challenges of your life with grace and hope. Too much stress for too long can result in burnout – a soul-destroying place to be usually associated with a loss of existential significance in your work. Managing this requires building active coping and self-tuning skills. To help you build positive mental health we will work on building self-insight in a range of areas looking broadly at your life, your values, and learning how to look after yourself without guilt. This will empower you to take action and enable active coping. Time for a cuppa? Book Now

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Coaching vs Therapy

Coaching is NOT therapy

Coaching and therapy differ often in their focus and the translation of evidence into different contexts for different purposes. The general focus of coaching is promoting growth and skill development so you can reach your goals. This process can help reduce stress anxiety and depression and boost wellbeing. The general focus of therapy (of whatever form) is around helping you resolve mental health symptoms. 

Mental health and coaching

Coaching is NOT designed to treat symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. Having mental health symptoms does not mean you cannot have coaching – but it may mean the pace is slower. Some people may need to see a therapist at the same time as coaching. And for others coaching may need to stop for a while. 



Be open about what is happening and what your goals and expectations are so we can work as a team (with other health professionals) to ensure the best outcomes for you. I will always be clear with you about my scope of practice and will refer you to your GP for mental health assessment and management if required. 


My aim is to provide value for money. This means ensuring you leave every session with more clarity than you had before and a feeling you are on the way to a solution as well as some practical steps to keep you moving forward. 

If you are not satisfied in any way, then please talk to me so we can resolve that. I am always open to feedback. 

Fees are as follows:

  • Initial 75 minute session: $255.50 (incl GST)
  • Ongoing sessions: $223.30 (incl GST) 

 Please note the following:


Discounts are available on request for people on maternity leave or other situations of financial difficulty. Please don’t hesitate to ask.


48-hours notice is required for cancellation of a coaching session. Charges may apply where adequate notice is not supplied.

Medicare rebates

Career and life coaching do NOT attract a Medicare or private health insurance rebate. Career coaching may be tax deductible depending on your circumstances. A tax invoice will be issued. 

Confidentiality and privacy

Anything you disclose in coaching will remain entirely confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else unless:

  • There are aspects of your coaching that I need to discuss with my supervisor as part for my own professional development in which case you will be de-identified
  • There are legal requirements that arise requiring me to breach confidentiality
  • There are any concerns I have about your physical or psychological safety.

I am committed to ongoing professional development and undertake professional supervision with an experienced clinical psychologist. My supervisor is bound by the same confidentiality obligations I have to you.

What about privacy

Detained information provided on the privacy page