What is involved?

Sessions are 60 minutes long and are available in-person or via telecoaching. We will work through the issues you are currently facing and design goals in three major areas to work through in future sessions:

  • Healthy lifestyle (physical health)
  • Healthy thinking habits (psychological and emotional health)
  • Finding meaning, purpose, identity and motivation (spiritual health)

When all three areas are working together (within the limitations of our capacity) we are more likely to feel a sense of wellbeing.

Whilst you are welcome to book in for a single session, you will get far more out of this program when you commit to at least 6 sessions. That’s because it takes time to build the motivation for change and design positively healthy living.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a future-oriented personal learning program that helps you see the world (and yourself) in a new way so you make the changes you need to grow, develop and meet your goals.

Coaching is an evidence-based approach to issues  such as stress management and promoting wellbeing.

As well as helping you take targeted action, coaching is also about learning, developing deeper insight and using it to expand your resourcefulness and widen your scope of possibilities.

Read Jocelyn’s article about the evidence behind coaching.


What does the fee include?

My aim is to provide value for money to you. My fees are designed to cover the costs (in time, energy and money) involved in providing this service to you. These include:

  • 60 minutes face to face time (either in person or via telecoaching) where I bring my whole self to serve you
  • Up to 30 minutes administration time in record keeping
  • Additional time spent in research or finding of resources that is conducted between sessions
  • Room rental fees including access to receptionist and secure cloud medical record system
  • Insurance(s) and registration fees
  • Software subscriptions and web hosting fees
  • Cost of computer and other hardware
  • Education and training costs – 50 hours per year as required to maintain registration
  • Fees for professional supervision by a clinical psychologist

Can I get a Medicare rebate?

Medicare rebates are available to people who see me in person about a health issue. No rebates are available for people who see me via telecoaching.

Where no Medicare rebate is applicable a tax invoice will be issued that can be used as a tax deduction if appropriate for your circumstances. Seek advice from your accountant.