How does coaching work

What is coaching?

Coaching is an evidence-based future-oriented personal learning program that helps you see the world (and yourself) in a new way so you make the changes you need to grow, develop and meet your goals. As well as helping you take targeted action, coaching is also about learning, developing deeper insight and using it to expand your resourcefulness and widen your scope of possibilities. It is probably quite different to anything you have experienced before.

What is the format of coaching?

A coaching session is a guided conversation underpinned by theory and evidence. Coaching is goal and solution-focused. We will work together to co-create solutions that work for you. Each session will be followed up with a personalised self-directed activity to embed the learning.  Each session lasts 60 minutes. We can meet in person if you are in Melbourne, or (more commonly) via Telecoaching. 

What is your approach to careers coaching?

There are two broad schools/approaches to career coaching. One is a plan and implement approach that is very structured and linear and usually involves a series of tests with a final report of roles that you could consider. I don’t do that. What I do belongs to other school ‘test and learn’ which is a more organic, introspective and conversational way of exploring your options and taking an experimental approach. 

Coaching vs Therapy

Coaching is NOT designed to treat symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression.  Coaching and therapy differ often in their focus and the translation of evidence into different contexts for different purposes.  The general focus of coaching is promoting growth and skill development so you can reach your goals  – while the general focus of therapy (of whatever form) is around helping you resolve mental health symptoms through working within (intrapsychic). Having mental health symptoms does not mean you cannot have coaching – but it may mean the pace is slower. Some people may need to see a therapist at the same time as coaching. And for others coaching may need to stop for a while. Be open about what is happening and what your goals and expectations are so we can work as a team (with other health professionals) to ensure the best outcomes for you. I will always be clear with you about my scope of practice and will refer you to your GP for mental health assessment and management if required.


My aim is to provide value for money to you. My fees are designed to cover the costs (in time, energy and money) involved in providing this service to you. Please note the following:


Discounts are available on request for people on maternity leave or other situations of financial difficulty. 

Medicare rebates

Career coaching is NOT a medical service and does NOT attract a Medicare rebate whether you see me via telecoaching or in person. Career coaching may be tax deductible depending on your circumstances. A tax invoice will be issued. 


48-hours notice is required for cancellation of a coaching session. Charges may apply where adequate notice is not supplied.

Confidentiality and privacy

Anything you disclose in coaching will remain entirely confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else unless:

  • There are aspects of your coaching that I need to discuss with my supervisor as part for my own professional development in which case you will be de-identified
  • There are legal requirements that arise requiring me to breach confidentiality
  • There are any concerns I have about your physical or psychological safety.

I am committed to ongoing professional development and undertake professional supervision with an experienced clinical psychologist. My supervisor is bound by the same confidentiality obligations I have to you.

What about privacy

Detained information provided on the privacy page