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What is coaching?

Coaching is an evidence-based future-oriented personal learning program that can help you design your career, improve performance, build confidence and promote your wellbeingA coaching session is a guided conversation underpinned by theory and evidence designed to help you create positive and purposeful change. Coaching is goal and solution-focusedWe will work together to co-create solutions that work for you. Read more about the evidence behind coaching.


What is the format of coaching?

Before your initial session you will complete a short questionnaire as part of the booking process. You may also like to do some self-assessments of your personality and strengths if you have not undertaken similar assessments previously. Initial sessions are 75 minutes and each subsequent session lasts 60 minutes. Each session will end with a plan for the way forward.  Out of hours appointments are available on request (telecoaching only). 

How does telecoaching work?

Telecoaching is conducted via Zoom. A log in link will be provided with your appointment. Telecoaching is not exactly the same as face-to-face coaching – each mode has strengths and weaknesses. Please note that sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control technical problems can arise. We do our best to resolve these quickly and will always ensure you have the full length of your session.

Please note:
  • Coaching is NOT a medical service and does NOT attract a Medicare rebate.
  • Career coaching may be tax deductible depending on your circumstances. A tax invoice will be issued.
  • Coaching is offered in person and via Telecoaching.

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