Fees and Charges (2018)

Coach GP does not bulk bill its coaching services. It is the policy of the practice that payment for consultation is made prior to your consultation however, due to Medicare regulation, a receipt will be issued with an item number after your consultation to ensure that you receive the applicable rebate.

Payment options are:
a) Direct debit on the day of service
Contact jocelyn@coachgp.com.au for details

b) PayPal on the day of service
Please note: use of PayPal incurs a $3 plus GST processing fee.

Session types


Medicare rebates may be claimed in person at a Medicare office, or can be sent online directly to Medicare and you will have the option of receiving your rebate via cheque or direct deposit into your nominated bank account.

Your Practitioner will inform you of the fee to be charged for your consultation beforehand. Please discuss any payment issues with your doctor.

Schedule of fees (February 2018)*

Coaching session type Length Fee GST Tax invoice Medicare item number (if applicable) Medicare Rebate (if eligible) Out of pocket
In person Health and wellbeing** 30 min $100 O O 54 $38 $62
60 min $200 O O 57 $61 $139
Career management*** 60 min $200 ü ü No Medicare rebates are available for these services Service may be tax deductible.
Virtual Health and wellbeing** 30 min $100 ü ü
60 min $200 ü ü
Career management*** 60 min $200 ü ü

**Discounts for Health Care Concession Card Holders

***Discounts available on request for people on Maternity leave

Session types