Banishing Imposter Syndrome

Online group coaching for doctors

Who is this group coaching course for?

This group coaching is a professional development course for doctors struggling with lack of confidence and imposter syndrome at work. 

This is a common issue underlying the reasons doctors are considering leaving clinical medicine, and is a particular concern for doctors returning to work after maternity or other leave. I find after a number of coaching sessions targeted to imposter syndrome most people end up finding new energy and excitement for clinical work. I’ve had people go from ‘I can’t work as a clinician any more – help me get out and find something else to do” to “I can do this – in fact I’m quite excited”. 

Using the power of sharing and group learning, this group coaching course is designed to help you manage imposter syndrome and improve your confidence at work.​

What is included

9 hours face-to-face time (via teleconference) including:


**An introductory 30-minute one-to-one phone call prior to the course


**5 x 90-minute group coaching sessions via teleconference. Limited to 6 participants


**One post-course 60-minute private coaching session


Pre-readings and activities to undertake between sessions


Access to an alumnus Facebook group for ongoing peer support


Option for ongoing private sessions at 10% discount off the usual rate

What you will learn

Understanding imposter syndrome and how it arises

Understanding confidence, hope, self-efficacy

Exploring strengths and how to use them

How to develop a growth mindset and learning goals

Understanding and using goal focussed self-reflection

Setting your own standard for success

Staying the course and keeping the imposter at bay

Session structure

To ensure you get the most out of this course there will be a balance between structure and co-design.

Since managing imposter syndrome involves a mindset change, it’s more important to facilitate discussions that promote this than covering particular topics.Therefore, each session will be structured around a particular topic, but the way we get there will be determined by your needs, insights and questions. Each week we will crowd source ‘fun’ homework that you agree to as a group. Part of each session the following week will involve sharing your experiences so please come prepared.

Session dates and times

Wednesday evenings 13 march – 10 April Inclusive

6.15-7.45 pm (Melbourne)

Contact me now to express interest in attending a future course 


Fees are AUD $495 + GST all inclusive 

Payment must be made in full in advance of the course. A tax invoice will be issued.

Please note: This group coaching course is professional development and is NOT a medical service. Therefore, there are no Medicare or Private Health rebates available.  Speak to your accountant about tax-deductibility.


Cancellations within a week of the course starting will incur a $200 cancellation fee.

Cancellation fees will be waived if you are able to find someone to take your place in the group.