It’s more important than ever before to keep our eyes focused on the positive. 

In the most difficult times we must protect our mental health and do everything we can to keep ourselves falling into despair and catastrophic thinking. 

While we are being implored to wash our hands and maintain personal hygiene, we must also maintain mental hygiene.

We protect our bodies with gloves, gowns and masks. We protect our minds and spirit with thinking, speaks and acting out goodness and kindness. 

Clinicians are facing a unique set of challenges – rather than staying home they are going out to protect the rest of us. 

For this reason I am establishing online positivity groups for clinicians as a safe space to be not only be vulnerable, but to build our positivity muscles and draw down nurturing and sustaining light and hope. 

This goes beyond traditional self-care – it is a deliberate leaning into the positive. The more negative things seem, the more we need to deliberately choose positivity.

Groups will meet weekly where we will discuss different themes such as:

  • Deliberately looking for the positive
  • Connecting to purpose and meaning
  • Seeking merits not mistakes
  • Gratitude
  • Thinking, speaking and doing good
  • Finding opportunities in unexpected places
  • Building skills in reframing and defusing

What is included


Starting 21st April: 

Weekly one hour online chats in small groups (Maximum 8 per group) – discussions will be grounded in cognitive behaviour therapy and positive psychology and draw from Viktor Frankl’s meaning centered therapy and ancient spiritual wisdom from Kabbala. 

Choose from one of two times to join:

  • Tuesdays: 1-2 pm AEST
  • Wednesdays: 8 pm AEST



These groups are currently been run as a community service

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