Why medical writing mentoring?

I have been getting a continual stream of doctors wanting to know about getting into medical writing. However, unlike clinical careers, there is no simple and direct pathway to getting into the field. It’s a combination of building new skills, developing a portfolio, networking, serendipity – and a large dose of courage. 

I find many people need support and encouragement when getting started – as well as guidance, hints and tips for new players. 

That’s why I’m introducing my new 6 month medical writing mentoring package

What is included?

There are 2 packages available: Basic and Delux


Included in the BASIC package is SIX half hour mentoring sessions where you can pick my brains about hints and tips for getting into medical writing. 

I will also use coaching strategies to help you with:

  • Hints and tips for getting started on your career as a medical writer
  • Building a portfolio and working towards publication
  • Motivation
  • Managing writer’s block
  • Figuring out where you want to be published and who you want to read your work.

The sessions can be spaced any time over 6 months. 


Included in the DELUX package is everything in the basic package PLUS editorial review of SIX pieces of work (500 words each). This may include constructive feedback on areas such as:

  • Planning your writing for your audience
  • Style, structure and other editorial elements
  • Advice regarding different forms of writing for different audiences and purposes
  • Use of language for different audiences
  • How to simplify and communicate complex ideas without losing meaning. 

The sessions can be spaced any time over 6 months. 

What is the cost?

Basic 6 month package: $595 including GST

Delux 6 month package: $995 including GST 

Intro pricing

Until the end of August 2019, a 5% discount on packages can be redeemed using the coupon code: INTRO