What you need to know about exploring non-clinical career options to enhance your chances of success

If you thinking of finding an alternative non-clinical career, and perhaps leaving clinical medicine, you may be wondering what your options are and exactly how you get into each field.

Should I leave clinical medicine?

By the time people book in to see me they have often been puzzling and fretting over this question for months or even years. This question is a biggie. It is one of the commonest reasons people come to me for coaching and I’m grateful for those who choose to include me (as a coach) … Continue reading Should I leave clinical medicine?

What to expect in career coaching

Designing and/or changing careers is exciting but it’s also challenging. There’s no quick and easy way to decide what you want to do and plan and enact how you are going to get there. Here is a broad overview of what is involved in changing career pathways and how coaching helps you get there. Self-knowledge … Continue reading What to expect in career coaching

Finding your career fit

Careers can be tricky. Some people know from an early age what they want to do. It then seems a relatively straightforward task to map the pathway and chart the course to reach that goal. It’s wonderful if it works out smoothly like this. But more often than not careers take unexpected twists and turns.Some people … Continue reading Finding your career fit

Top 10 tips on the science and art of non-clinical medicine

I’m often asked my advice about non-clinical careers – so thought I’d share my top 10 tips about what I see as the science, art and reality of non-clinical medicine based on my 17 years personal experience as well as my experience as a coach: 1. There is no need to feel alone (or a … Continue reading Top 10 tips on the science and art of non-clinical medicine