Being a coach vs doing coaching

Yesterday I graduated from my coaching degree. I now officially have a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology. A milestone and an achievement. Three and a half years, more than 50 flights, and more hours than I can count in reading, thinking and reflecting on coaching. What it means to be a coach, what it … Continue reading Being a coach vs doing coaching

Out, damned emotions! Out

Lately I've been having multiple conversations with clients who want to 'scrub out' some aspect of their emotions: 'I just wish I wasn't so emotional' 'How do I stop being so emotional?' Of course, they mean emotions related to being upset or angry about something. Have you ever heard someone lament their sense of humour, … Continue reading Out, damned emotions! Out

Why doctors need coaching

I have recently taken up the position of Deputy Editor of the Association for Coaching quarterly magazine - Coaching Perspectives. This is a great opportunity for me - and a great magazine to read Subscribe to Coaching Perspectives and read my article on why doctors need coaching below as a taster for the great content … Continue reading Why doctors need coaching

Imposter syndrome and tips for managing it

Imposter syndrome and tips for managing it Dr Jocelyn Lowinger One of the growing problems in healthcare is that many highly competent health professionals, even in the highest positions, are struggling with feeling incompetent and that it’s only a matter of time before they are found out. This feeling of a lack of confidence and … Continue reading Imposter syndrome and tips for managing it

Looking failure in the eye

Perfectionism has served me well. Yes I have succeeded academically and in my profession. But it has also caused it’s fair share of unhappiness and is the source of a great deal of my own imposter syndrome. If you can only ever peer into the gap of failure, then you can’t ever really acknowledge your … Continue reading Looking failure in the eye