Looking failure in the eye

Perfectionism has served me well. Yes I have succeeded academically and in my profession. But it has also caused it's fair share of unhappiness and is the source of a great deal of my own imposter syndrome. If you can only ever peer into the gap of failure, then you can't ever really acknowledge your … Continue reading Looking failure in the eye

In fear I trust

I work a lot with fear. Fear in my clients, usually expressed as imposter syndrome. And my own fear as I walk my own journey into the unknown. F-E-A-R I'm no stranger to fear. Fear often sits with me on a daily, and even hourly, basis. As I go about expanding my skills and experiences … Continue reading In fear I trust

What lies on the other side of fear

Medicine, as a profession is surrounded by, and embedded in, fear. I'm yet to meet a doctor who doesn't hold a deep seated fear of error, or harming a patient. 'First do no harm!' is engraved very closely to the heart of every doctor I've ever spoken to about this. Beyond fear of harm, is … Continue reading What lies on the other side of fear