Being a coach vs doing coaching

Yesterday I graduated from my coaching degree. I now officially have a Masters of Science in Coaching Psychology. A milestone and an achievement. Three and a half years, more than 50 flights, and more hours than I can count in reading, thinking and reflecting on coaching. What it means to be a coach, what it … Continue reading Being a coach vs doing coaching

Looking failure in the eye

Perfectionism has served me well. Yes I have succeeded academically and in my profession. But it has also caused it's fair share of unhappiness and is the source of a great deal of my own imposter syndrome. If you can only ever peer into the gap of failure, then you can't ever really acknowledge your … Continue reading Looking failure in the eye

Finding your career fit

Careers can be tricky. Some people know from an early age what they want to do. It then seems a relatively straightforward task to map the pathway and chart the course to reach that goal. It’s wonderful if it works out smoothly like this. But more often than not careers take unexpected twists and turns.Some people … Continue reading Finding your career fit

Surviving the overwhelm roller coaster

Ever feel like you’re on a roller coaster that won’t stop? I can’t decide if the last 3 weeks feels like 3 years or 3 minutes – or both rolled up into one. All I know I is from starting up Coach GP in February, life has absolutely snowballed- or something. It’s true it’s good … Continue reading Surviving the overwhelm roller coaster

Sorry, not everything is DIY

Autonomy, self-sufficiency, independence are highly valued in our society. Not only is doing things for ourselves seen as practical, but we think we can save money and get as good a result as if we paid a professional. There’s also a sense of moral high ground about doing things for ourselves – as if people … Continue reading Sorry, not everything is DIY