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Do you feel like an imposter at work? Is your lack of confidence is holding you back from promotions or leadership opportunities? Do you feel unprepared for the responsibilities you face? Is burnout an ongoing problem? Are you worried about returning to work after time off for maternity leave or illness?

Coach GP provides customised coaching to help doctors build confidence, banish imposter syndrome and improve your performance.


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Dr Jocelyn Lowinger has been a doctor for 25 years and has done extensive post-graduate training in coaching. Jocelyn coaches doctors from a broad range of medical backgrounds (including specialists, GPs, doctors in training, and doctors working in metropolitan and rural settings). As well as doctors, Jocelyn also coaches other health professionals and the general public.

“Traditional medicine is based around healing illness by correcting what is not-functioning properly, broken or sick. This is a really useful thing – I’m glad there are doctors who do this. Coaching on the other hand is focused on strengthening what is already working well to develop capacity and allows for creating possibilities and opening potentialities.”


This group coaching is a professional development course for doctors struggling with lack of confidence and imposter syndrome at work. 

This is a common issue underlying the reasons doctors are considering leaving clinical medicine, and is a particular concern for doctors returning to work after maternity or other leave. I find after a number of coaching sessions targeted to imposter syndrome most people end up finding new energy and excitement for clinical work. I’ve had people go from ‘I can’t work as a clinician any more – help me get out and find something else to do” to “I can do this – in fact I’m quite excited”. 

If this sounds like you then book now for this exciting pilot course. Read more about the course

Coaching is provided in person and via telecoaching. Group coaching, workshops and seminars available on request


Many doctors across Australia (and even Internationally) have chosen the privacy and convenience of telecoaching.


In-person coaching

In-person coaching is also available for people who live in, or are visiting, Melbourne.