Coaching and Counselling for Doctors

I am currently not taking clients until 2024. Please check in then if you wish to make a booking with me. 

If you are in any distress, please contact your GP. 

All doctors are leaders.

Whether or not you are a future, emerging or experienced leader,  coaching can help you develop improved capacity for:

  • Building confidence and managing imposter syndrome
  • Taking responsibility
  • Making decisions in complex situations
  • Holding uncertainty
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Self-management (self-leadeship) in high stress conditions
  • Delegation and team leadership.

All these aspects of leadership are interwoven throughout all coaching – regardless of ‘presenting issue’.

Enjoy reading details of many aspects of leadership throughout the site. 

Here is a presentation on self-leadership I wrote a few years ago for AAPM [pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Sef- leadership”]

Stay tuned for more content about coaching and leadership. Coming soon.

Ever feel like a fraud and that sooner or later you will be caught out? You are not alone. Imposter syndrome affects many doctors at every level of training and experience. The good news is there are many strategies to help build confidence. Check out the following videos:

Seriously, way too many of us are burnt out, worn out and thinking about checking out. Have a look at the following video to see how coaching can help you get a better handle on your wellbeing:

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Careers can be tricky. Some people know from an early age what they want to do. It then seems a relatively straightforward task to map the pathway and chart the course to reach that goal. It’s wonderful if it works out smoothly like this. But more often than not careers take unexpected twists and turns.

Check out the following videos to find out more about how coaching can help your career decisions and career development:

More resources here…

For many people, undertaking specialty exams may be their first experience of exam failure or struggling with exams and study. Here’s what one candidate said about coaching:

For more information about how coaching can help exam preparation see here

Video on exam preparation coming soon. 

About Coaching

Check out the following videos for information on what coaching is and how it works.

See FAQs for further information 

Evidence shows that coaching in doctors works to promote leadership and challenge imposter syndrome.

Coaching can help you enhance your medical career, get the most out of your training and fulfil your potential.

See  Stephen Harte & Kieran McGlade (2018) Developing excellent leaders – the role of Executive Coaching for GP specialty trainees, Education for Primary Care, 29:5, 286-292 

Read more about the evidence for coaching in doctors

Currently coaching is only available via telecoaching.

Many doctors across Australia (and even Internationally) have chosen the privacy and convenience of telecoaching.

Telecoaching is conducted via Zoom. A log in link will be provided with your appointment.

Please note that sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control technical problems can arise. We do our best to resolve these quickly and will always ensure you have the full length of your session.

In the meantime watch the video to find out how to get the most out of coaching

For more information see FAQs

Dr Jocelyn Lowinger has been a doctor for 25 years and has done extensive post-graduate training in coaching. (And yes she has first hand experience with imposter syndrome). 

Jocelyn coaches doctors from a broad range of medical backgrounds (including specialists, GPs, doctors in training, and doctors working in metropolitan and rural settings).  Read More

Appointments are available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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What's New

Navigating Your Medical Career: A self-coaching approach

I have recently completed Trauma Informed Care training with #PhoenixAustralia – It’s really incredible how aligned coaching is with trauma informed care. Both are strengths based, promote control and autonomy, promote connections and hold positive expectations for the future. So many doctors have experienced traumatic events in their professional lives – ranging from exposure to death/pain/suffering, workplace bullying, making a medical error and having a complaint made. It is more important than ever that these events and their impacts on professional and personal wellbeing be considered. 

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